Sources for the New Zealand Wars

Annotated bibliography for the New Zealand Wars.


New Zealand Elecgtronic Texts Centre: New Zealand Wars

A great collection of digitised texts from and about the colonial period. Includes James Cowan’s two volume set.

Maori Wars Discussion Forum

Darryl Smith has set up a Yahoo discussion forum for this period.

New Zealand in History

Covers entire history, but has some good material on the New Zealand Wars.

The New Zealand Wars / Nga Pakanga Whenua O Mua

Some material but not too extensive. I’ve seen this described as the official site about the New Zealand Wars, but the site makes it clear this is not so.

Trevor’s Colonial Wargames Site

Photos of a couple of actual battle sites, plus of some painted figures.

Books and Articles

Alexander, J. E. (1976). Incidents of the Maori War, New Zealand, in 1860-61 (reprint, originally published 1863). Christchurch, NZ: Capper Press.

Barber, L., Clayton, G., and Tonkin-Covell, J. (1990). Sergeant, Sinner, Saint, & Spy: The Taranaki War Diary of Sergeant William Maruouram, R.A. NZ: Random Century.

Belich, J. (1986). The New Zealand Wars. Auckland, NZ: Auckland University Press.

Belich’s work is controversial, but well worth a read.

Belich, J. (1993). ‘I Shall Not Die’: Titokowaru’s War, New Zealand, 1868-9 (reprint, originally published 1989). Wellington, NZ: Bridget Williams Books.

Titokawaru is my favourite character of the NZ Wars. Starting with only a handful of warriors he crushed several superior European forces.

Buick, T. L. (1926; reprint 1976). New Zealand’s First War: The Rebellion of Hone Heke. Christchurch, NZ: Capper Press.

Callan, A. (Sept. 1983). Wargaming the Maori Wars. Military Modelling, 654-655.

Clapson, C. (Dec 1992). Te Riri Pakeha: The White Man’s Anger. Wargames Illustrated, 63, 21-22.

Cowan, J. (1975). The Adventures of Kimble Bent: A story of wild life in the New Zealand bush (reprint, originally published 1911). Christchurch, NZ: Capper Press.

Crosby, R. D. (1999). The Musket Wars. Reed Publishing.

Good coverage of the inter-tribal warfare after the Maori first gained muskets.

Dept. of Lands and Survey. (n.d.). Waitara Campaign Historic Trail. Author.

Hamlyn, P. (1973). The Maori-European Wars. London: Author.

Knight, I. (Mar 1989). Behold the Good and Peaceful: A Maori War Skirmish. Wargames Illustrated, 19, 30-31.

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Stowers, R. (1996). Forest Rangers: A history of the Forest Rangers during the New Zealand Wars. Hamilton, NZ: Author.

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Wards, I. (1968). The Shadow of the Land. Wellington, NZ: Historical Publications Branch, Department of Internal Affairs.

Books I haven’t seen

Maxwell, P. (2000). Frontier. Celebrity Books/Waitekauri Publishing.

Apparently describes the campaigns from 1860 to 1872.whilst attacking Belich’s (1986) interpretation of the wars.

Prickett, N. (2002). Landscapes of Conflict . Random House.

Apparently has good material on battles sites and pas.

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