Sources for the South American Wars of Liberation

An annotated bibliography for the South American Wars of Liberation. Not surprisingly I concentrate on the English languages sources.

Alan Saunders: Liberation! Wargaming the South American Wars of Liberation

Balkan Military History: South America

Not sure how South America relates to the Balkans, but this site has some nice pictures of 28mm armies for the wars of liberation in South America.

Benavente Ormeño, M. O. (2013). “Cronica Militar de la Patria Vieja”. Author.

Bogar, C. H. and Hooker, T. D. (1996). Independence From Spain: The Quito Campaign. El Dorado, VI (4). On-line

Covers the Quito Campaign and the Battle of Pichincha (24 May 1812)

Conliffe, A. (1995). Shako: Rules and Army Lists for Napoleonic Wargaming. NY: Quantum Printing.

Ecuador and Its Armed Forces: The Battle of Pichincha

Fletcher, J. (2005). Liberators! Volume 1: The War in the South. Grenadier Productions.

Covers the fighting in the South, specifically Argentine, Chilean and Bolivian efforts against the Royalist stronghold of Peru. Brilliant piece of work. So much crammed into a small book. Includes organisational, uniform and historical data on the armies and campaigns, and 12 scenarios.

Fletcher, J. (2006). Liberators! Supplement 1: The War in the South. Grenadier Productions.

Includes a fast play set of rules, 6 new scenarios, and 125 uniform illustrations.

Fletcher, J. (2011). Adventures of the British & Irish Legions in South America 1817-1824: Gamer’s Guide & Sourcebook. Grenadier Productions.

Fletcher, J. (2013). The Wars of Spanish American Independence 1809-29. Osprey.

I really enjoyed John Fletcher’s new book. He has done a brilliant job and I think he’s hit the spot perfectly for the “essential histories” range from Osprey. It is a great introduction for anybody wanting to get into the Wars of Liberation. And great for me as a refresher, despite the fact I’ve already got a few other books in this space. I like the way John covered all the campaigns yet provided enough detail to whet the appetite for more. I particularly liked the biographies – they provide a real flavour for the period. A very good read.

Frank’s Miniature Gaming & More

Blog on wargaming the South American Wars of Liberation

Grenadier Productions

John Fletcher’s web site including additional material and a shop to buy his books and figures. In particular:

Alternate Order of Battle: Battle of Maipu, Apri 5, 1818. Fletcher cites “Las Fuerzas Armadas de Chile” as the source for the data in these orders of battle.

Alternate Orders of Battle for Cancha Rayada and Maipo. Fletcher cites Soria (2004) as the source for the data in these orders of battle.

Argentine Flags of the War of Independence, 1810-1824

Uniform: Argentine Cazadores a Caballo de la Escolta del General.

Gates, D. (1986). The Spanish Ulcer: A history of the Peninsular War. London: Guild Publishing.

Harvey, R. (2000). Liberators: South America’s Savage Wars of Freedom 1810-30. London: Robinson.

Hooker, T. (1991). The Armies of Bolivar and San Martin [Men-at-Arms 232]. Osprey.

Ian Fletcher: Bolivar’s British Legion

Kaptain Kobold Blog: Tucuman

Battle Report of the Battle of Tucuman although the photos are on flickr

Liberators Forum For Free

The original discussion forum for John Fletcher and Grenadier Productions. Now deprecated in favour of the Liberators 1810-1830 Yahoo Discussion Forum.

Liberators 1810-1830 Yahoo Discussion Forum

The current discussion forum for John Fletcher and Grenadier Productions.

Leach, C. (1997). Fields of Glory: Napoleonic Scenarios for Shako Rules. NY: Quantum Printing.

Levene, R. (1947). Historia de la Nacion Argentina.

Luqui-Lagleyze, J. M. (1997). Historia y Campañas del Ejercito Realista: 1810-1820. Fundacion Mater Dei.

Luqui-Lagleyze, J. M., and Manzano-Lahoz, A. (1998). «Los Realistas» (1810-1826): Virreinatos del Perú y del Rio de la Plata, y Capitanía General de Chile [Hombres en Uniforme No 5]. Quiron Ediciones. [Spanish]

Marley, D. (1998). Wars of the Americas: a chronology of armed conflict in the New World, 1492-1997 [2nd ed.].

Miller, J. (1829). Memoirs of General Miller: In the Service of the Republic of Peru [2 volumes]. [Available on-line at google books]

Mitre, B. and Pilling, W. [trans] (1893). The Emancipation of South America: Being a condensed translation. Chapman & Hall.

Pedrazzoli, F. D. (2009). Viluma 1815: The revolution beheaded. Madrid, Spain: Regimentos de America.

Pedrazzoli, F. D. (2010). Uniforms of the Northern Army: Infantry – Upper Peru 1814-15. Madrid, Spain: Regimentos de America.

Pedrazzoli, F. D. (2011). Pezuela’s Army Uniforms: Infantry – Upper Peru 1813-15. Madrid, Spain: Regimentos de America.

ProDiseño: Carabobo 1821 (Spanish)

Battle of Carabob (24 Jun 1821). An animated presentation.

Pueyrredon, M. (1947). Memorias inéditas del coronel Manuel Pueyrredon. Buenos Aires: Editoril kraft.

Regional Museum of Rancagua [Spanish]

Regimientos de América (Spanish and English)

Despite the title (“Regiments of South America”), it also includes details of Battles, Flags Tactics, Figures, Books, Equipment, Articles, Links, and Shows. Also has sections on the Napoleonic Wars.

SACAWars · South and Central American Wars Discussion Forum

Scheina, R. L. (2003). Latin America’s Wars: The Age of the Caudillo, 1791-1899. Brassey.

Soria, D. A. (2004). Las Campañas Militar del General San Martin. Santa Fe.

The Hallowes Geneology: General Miller Hallowes (broken link)

Soldier of Fortune

The Wars in Venezuela.

Tony Hammond: British Officers in Peru

British officers involved in the Independence of Peru

Vergara y Velasco, F. J. (1897). 1818: Guerra de Independencia [Spanish]. Bogota. [Available on-line here]

Wikipedia: South American Wars of Independence

Wikipedia: Argentine War of Independence

Wikipedia: Battle of Ayohuma

Wikipedia: Battle of Chacabuco

Wikipedia: Battle of Suipacha

Wikipedia: Battle of Vilcapugio

Wikipedia: Second Battle of Cancha Rayada

Wikipedia: Jujuy Exodus

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