17th Century Cavalry – Investigations of a Dog

Royalist Cavalry

You know how sometimes something big is going on but you don’t hear about it. I feel a bit like that about Gavin Robinson’s blog Investigations of a Dog. The blog was active 2006-2013 but is, unfortunately, now closed. Luckily the site is still up and is well worth a look. It contains some marvellous analysis of certain aspects of 16th and 17th Warfare, particularly the use of cavalry.

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Steven’s Sea Peoples for Big Base DBA

Big Base DBA Sea Peoples

DBA I/28 Sea Peoples is the first army I’ve completed as part of my Sea Peoples Project for Big Base DBA.

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Gifts and Faults for Fudge Bunnies

Bunny Looking Harmless

You might want to have vampire bunnies, super hero bunnies or bunnies in space but I’m interested in Fudge Bunnies of a more garden variety. But even garden bunnies need gifts and faults. I’ve made up a list as a starting point, making sure to include those Gifts and Faults mentioned in VG Fudge Bunnies or at least variants of them.

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Ancient Spanish Cavalry

Spanish Mustang

A few notes about Ancient Spanish Cavalry.

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Maipo – A Liberators Portable Wargame Battle Report


Back on 10 Oct 2012 Andrew Coleby and I had a go at Bob Cordery’s Portable Wargame. I didn’t write it up at the time because I was busily converting this site to WordPress. Nominally the game was for the Battle of Maipo. I like the idea of wargaming on a chess board but the rules themselves need refinement.

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Seers in Fudge Bunnies

Bunny Seer

Some bunnies are Seers – they have Psionic abilities. It isn’t realistic but it is cool. Fiver, one of the main characters in Watership Down, is a Seer. His terrifying vision of the warren’s destruction is the plot device that starts the story. Similarly, if you read the material on Bunnies & Burrows (B&B), Seers are often the vehicle to introduce new adventures. But as usual there is no one place to find how Seers work in Fudge Bunnies. So I have pieced together bits from VG Fudge Bunnies (specifically Sprig who is a Seer), Gurps B&B, Gurps 3rd Edition

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Using a Figures in Comfort Case for Storing 15mm Tanks

Figures in Comfort Mini Case

One winter’s evening in London I was loading my car with Crossfire kit to take to a club game. It was getting dark and just starting to rain. That was, of course, just the moment I dropped my box of 15mm tanks on the pavement. Over the next 30 minutes I was on hands and knees in the rain and dark trying to find the precious panzers. Luckily I managed to recover all of the vehicles but some received irreparable damage.

I never want to repeat that experience so, at the next show I went to, I picked up

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Cavalry in Rough Terrain – Musing on a Lasalle House Rule

I’m interested in using Lasalle for the South American Wars of Liberation. In that theatre infantry, when faced by superior cavalry, would often head for rough terrain. But the standard Lasalle rules don’t encourage this – the cavalry will just charge into the rough after the infantry. So I’m exploring a house rule to rectify the problem.

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Storytelling and Enthralment in Fudge Bunnies

Bunny Storytelling

Storytelling and Enthralment are two of the interesting features that distinguishes a Bunnies & Burrows (B&B) game from reality. My problem is there is no one place to find the Storytelling and Enthralment rules for Fudge Bunnies. So I have pieced together bits from VG Fudge Bunnies (specifically Raspberry who is a storyteller), Gurps B&B, and some stuff I’ve made up.

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Crossfire Reprints from On Military Matters

Crossfire Cover

SPREAD THE WORD! HALLELUJA! Crossfire reprints are available from On Military Matters.

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Hiding Troops in the Open in Crossfire

Crossfire allows troops to start the game hidden in features. Troops are not allowed to start the game hiding outside a feature, i.e. in the open. If we expand the concept of “hidden” from “hiding behind a tree” to “hidden from enemy sight” then hiding in the open should be allowed. What to do?

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15mm scale Russian Onion Dome Church

I got a brilliant item off ebay. A fantastic “15mm scale Flames of War Russian Onion Dome Church”. Despite the title I’ll be using it for Crossfire, specifically for my Old Chapel scenario.

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Fudge Bunnies – Evolution of Attributes, Skills and Languages


It isn’t always obvious from the published material what Fudge Bunnies – as a distinct rule set – is and how it is different from Gurps B&B. Steffan O’Sullivan, the author of both Fudge and Gurps Bunnies & Burrows (B&B), has been evolving his thinking on Fudge Bunnies since 1992. So in this post I attempt to reverse engineer Steffan’s thinking on Fudge Bunnies in 2014 and fill in a few gaps. At least for Attributes, skills and animal languages.

The big change is in the language to describe character traits. Gurps has fairly bland and generic names for

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Vince’s 6mm Crossfire

Vince's 6mm Crossfire

Vince Lody sent through some photos of his 6mm Crossfire. His games look amazing but they happen on tiny tables.

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15mm Shanty Town for the African Wars

15mm Shanty Town Sector

Another step forward in my Portuguese Colonial War project complements of ebay. I picked up a couple of “15mm Shanty Town” pieces.

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