Close Support Infantry Guns in Crossfire

Some musing on Close Support Infantry Guns in Crossfire. Actually it is an idea for a special rule to make on-table guns more effective.

If not using a specialist PC for on-table Infantry Guns (and/or ATG) then the guns should be able to shoot with infantry. The main reason for this is making them more useful in their close support role. In standard Crossfire some direct fire HE guns are worse than rifle squads, e.g. Soviet 45mm ATG in late war when used for HE close support. Because they are worse than a rifle stand it is stupid for a Crossfire player to shoot with them, which is odd. One mechanism to make them more effective is to allow them to group fire with infantry. Whether they are permanently attached to platoons, like HMG, or can attach on an adhoc basis is hard to tell.

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