Using Egyptian Figures for Spanish Civil War Regulares with Fez

All the Moroccan Regulares figures I’ve seen for the Spanish Civil War have a turban. But some Moroccans in Nationalist employ just wore a Fez without a Turban. For these guys you could use Egyptians from the Sudan campaign (1882 – 1898). Of course the gun is wrong so this doesn’t give a perfect match but would give the right rough look and get some more variety in your Moroccans. This might be for whole units rather than individuals.

For example:

Peter Pig Range 22 “Patrols in
the Sudan”
72. Egyptian Infantry advancing (light Kit)
73. Egyptian Infantry Firing
74. Egyptian Infantry Receiving a charge.
75. Egyptian command advancing (2 Officer poses plus bugler)
76. Egyptian command standing (Officer, drummer , standard bearer poses)

Essex Miniatures: 15mm Colonial

OC31 Early Egyptian Infantrymen

OC31 Early Egyptian Infantrymen

OC32 Early Egyptian Command pack, 2 Officers, 2 Std. Bearers, 2 Buglers
OC34 Late Egyptian Infantrymen

OC34 Late Egyptian Infantrymen

OC35 Late Egyptian Command pack: 2 Officers, 2 Std. Bearers, 2 pipers

Old Glory 15s: Colonial Wars: Sudan Range (available from Battle Honours in UK)

SUD04 Egyptian & Sudanese Command
SUD08 Egyptian Infantry

And Tin Soldier have some Askari’s in Italian Service which should fit the bill as well. I haven’t seen these.

Tin Soldier UK: 15mm Italian Colonial
Range (1890-1900)
IC12 Askari Command Officers (3), Bugler (3)
IC13 Askari, advancing, fez, fixed bayonet
IC14 Askari, fez, standing, firing
IC15 Askari, fez, loading/ at the ready
IC16 Askari, advancing, turbanned fez, fixed bayonet
IC17 Askari, turbanned fez, standing, firing
IC18 Askari, turbanned fez, loading/ at the ready
IC19 Askari artillery crew (6)

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