What to use Engle Matrix Games for

Chris Engle of Hamster Press is the creator of Engle Matrix Games. He has used them for murder mysteries, spy games, fantasy quests, intrigues, military campaigns and political games. He has also – as a Psychotherapist – used them to treat violent children and alcoholics!

Engle Matrix Games can form the basis of a great day long mini wargames campaign for six or so players. The matrix game provides the context for the battles. I’ve run them a few times Absolutely fab. In such a campaign you play a leading general of the period. Each turn you get to make one argument/order about what you want to happen that turn. You can make arguments for your side, to cause problems for the other side, or to change the rules! The game is played on a simple area map. Miniature figures or counters are moved around on the map to reflect the location of military forces. Battles are fought using an abstract system or transferred to the table top – typically using something like DBA.

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