DBA II/65 Early Visigothic 200 AD-419AD

The Visigoths had a bit of a love-hate relationship with the Roman Empire. At times fighting against them, notably the Battle of Adrianople where they thrashed the Eastern Roman army, and sometimes operating in conjunction with the Romans as Feoderati. They ended up in Spain. In DBA they are list II/65 Early Visigothic 200 AD-419AD. This post is part of my series on Troop Identities in DBA Army Lists.

The Early Visigothic list has two options one of which is specifically for 378 AD. This is presumably for the Battle of Adrianople. That option gets light horse – dissident Alans and Huns. The other difference is that the General is a Warband – because he should be with the infantry defending the camp.

II/66 Early Visigothic 200 AD-419AD

Ag: 3


  • (a) 378 AD only
    • 1 x 4Wb (Gen) [Nobles]
    • 2 x 3Kn [Nobles]
    • 7 x 4Wb [Warriors]
    • 1 x 2LH [Alans and Huns]
    • 1 x 2Ps [Archers]
  • (b) Other times
    • 1 x 3Kn or 4Wb (Gen) [Nobles]
    • 1 x 3Kn [Nobles]
    • 8 x 4Wb [Warriors]
    • 2 x 2Ps [Archers or Javelinmen]

This list corresponds to the following Field of Glory army lists:

  • Early Visigothic or Early Vandal (Legions Triumphant)

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