Troop Identities in DBA Army Lists

I play DBA quite a lot and with my current enthusiasm for Big Bases I’m rebasing my ancients and medieval armies for Big Base DBA. To help with that process I wanted to know what nationalities the DBA elements correspond to.

For the Biblical Period

For the Macedonian and Punic Wars:

For Fall of Rome and Barbarian Kingdoms

For the Reconquista

Catalan Company

  • II/58 Alan 50AD-1500AD
  • IV/32 Romanian Frank 1204AD-1311AD
  • IV/33 Epirot Byzantine 1204AD-1340AD
  • IV/39c Navaresse 1379AD-1430AD
  • IV/49 Anatolian Turkoman 1260AD-1515AD
  • IV/50 Palaiologan Byzantine 1261AD-1384AD
  • IV/51 Morean Byzantine 1262AD-1460AD
  • IV/55 Ottoman 1281AD-1512AD
  • IV/61 Italian Condotta 1320AD-1495AD
  • IV/60 Catalan Company 1302AD-1388AD

For the New World

  • III/22 Maya 600AD-1546AD
  • III/41 Dog Peoples & Pueblo Cultures 800AD-1500AD
  • IV/29 Tupi 12000AD-1601AD
  • IV/53 Mixtec or Zapotec 1280AD-1523AD
  • IV/70 Chanca 1350AD-1440AD
  • IV/71 Chimu 1350AD-1464AD
  • IV/72 Amazonian 1350AD-1662AD
  • IV/81 Inca 1438AD-1534AD
  • IV/63 Aztec 1325AD-1521AD

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