DBA III/35 Feudal Spanish 718AD-1340AD

The DBA army list III/35 Feudal Spanish 718AD-1340AD is the main Christian army of the Reconquista. This post is part of my series on Troop Identities in DBA Army Lists.

DBA III/35 Feudal Spanish

Arable. Ag: 2

  • (a) 718-950AD
    • 1 x 3Kn or 4Bd (Gen) [Noble Cavalry]
    • 3 x 3Kn [Noble Cavalry]
    • 1 x 2LH [Basque or mercenary Berber light horse]
    • 2 x 4Sp [Spearmen]
    • 5 x 2Ps [Archers, Javelinmen, or Slingers]
  • (b) 951-1200AD
    • 1 x 3Kn or 4Bd (Gen) [Noble Cavalry; Knights from 1035]
    • 3 x 3Kn [Noble Cavalry; Knights from 1035 including Military Order Knights from 1100]
    • 1 x 2LH [Basque or mercenary Berber light horse, or Mounted Crossbow from 1150]
    • 2 x 4Sp [Spearmen]
    • 4 x 2Ps [Archers, Javelinmen, Slingers or Crossbowmen]
    • 1 x 3Cv [Caballeros Villanos]
  • (c) 1201-1340AD
    • 1 x 3Kn (Gen) [Knights]
    • 3 x 3Kn [Knights including Military Order]
    • 2 x 2LH [Basque or mercenary Berber light horse, Mounted Crossbow or Jinetes]
    • 2 x 4Sp [Spearmen]
    • 2 x 2Ps [Archers, Javelinmen, Slingers; Crossbowmen]
    • 1 x 3/4Cb [Crossbowmen]
    • 1 x 3Ax [Javelinmen]
      • or 2Ps [Javelinmen]

I don’t like this list for a variety of reasons:

  • The Spanish were not particularly class conscious when it came to cavalry. If you could afford a horse you were cavalry. So I find it odd that the list distinguishes Caballeros Villanos from other armoured, lancer cavalry. I’m not aware that they fought in separate units nor fought in a different fashion nor had a particularly lower morale. I would include them with the Knights.
  • Too many compulsory light infantry

This DBA list corresponds to five Field of Glory army lists:

  • Astur-Leonese 718-1037 (Wolves from the Sea)
  • Early Navarrese 778-1035 (Wolves from the Sea)
  • Feudal Catalan and Early Crown of Aragon 988-1336 (Oath of Fealty)
  • Feudal Navarrese 1035-1328 and Aragonese 1035-1147 (Oath of Fealty)
  • Feudal Castilian or Leonese 1037-1350, or Portuguese 1139-1357 (Oath of Fealty)

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