DBA III/34 Andalusian 710AD-1172AD

The DBA army list III/34 Andalusian 710AD-1172AD is one of the two main Muslim armies of the Reconquista. I think the standard DBA list is pretty rubbish due to the high number light infantry. I don’t like it because it makes for a very weak army in DBA but also because it isn’t particularly historical. I’ll post a revision in due course. This post is part of my series on Troop Identities in DBA Army Lists.

DBA III/34 Andalusian

Arable. Ag: 3 until 765AD then 1

  • (a) 711-76AD, Ag 3
    • 1 x 3Cv (Gen) [Jund Cavalry]
    • 2 x 3Cv [Jund Cavalry]
    • 1 x 2LH [Bedouin or Berber light horse]
    • 8 x 2Ps [Archers or Berber Javelinmen]
  • (b) 766-1172AD, Ag 1
    • 1 x 3Cv (Gen) [Arab Cavalry, or Jund or Guard Cavalry before 1010]
    • 1 x 3Cv [Arab Cavalry]
    • 2 x 2LH [Andalusian or Berber Cavalry, or Horse archers]
    • 6 x 2Ps [Archers, Slingers or Berber Javelinmen]
    • 2 x 4Sp [Andalusian Spearmen, Black Guard 755-978, or Silent Ones 770-928]

This list corresponds to the following Field of Glory army lists:

  • UUmayyad Arab 685-750 (Decline and Fall)
  • Andalusian 755-1031 (Wolves from the Sea)
  • Taifa Andalusian 1009-1172 (Oath of Fealty)

4 thoughts on “DBA III/34 Andalusian 710AD-1172AD”

    • Nominally, yes. As I mentioned I’m not convinced about the composition of the army list. But it is the right army.

    • Generally it needs the option for more cavalry and more spearmen, by sacrificing some light infantry. I have a few notes on the historical Andalusian Order of Battle.

      As an example, the vizier Al-Mansur (976-1002) had a fully professional army of 60,000 comprising a large number of Berbers and Slavs. The Berbers were predominately cavalry, so presumably light types. The Slavs might have been foot or horse, and probably heavier versions of both compared to the skirmishers of the DBA list.


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