Fall of Rome DBA Campaign

Ben Taylor and Nick from the Guildford Wargames Club suggested the following DBA campaign system for the Fall of Rome. The intention is to run it as a one day event which is why DBA is suitable.

In outline the plan is:

  • We start with 8 players (and 8 armies), 4 Late Imperial Roman (2 East, 2 West) and 4 Barbarian and play 4 DBA games of Romans vs. barbarians
  • We then play 2 double sized DBA games using the survivors of the first round. The winning players from the first round get to be C in C and their ‘victims’ get to be sub generals. The armies evolve from the first round so victorious Romans absorb the barbarians and ‘advance’ to Patrician. Victorious barbarians settle down and get sub-Roman subject troops. This pair of battles determine the dominant powers in East and West.
  • At this point we have 2 armies left, one from the East and one from the West. Again the winners absorb the losers and the victorious players get to lead their vanquished foes in battle. Either could still be Roman or a barbarian confederation. One big quadruple sized DBA game is the result.

Fall of Rome Campaign Structure

This can also be run as a DBM game with 200 point armies in the 1st round, 400 in the second and 800 in the third. Of course that would require a lot more figures and time.

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