Fudge Bunnies – Evolution of Attributes, Skills and Languages

It isn’t always obvious from the published material what Fudge Bunnies – as a distinct rule set – is and how it is different from Gurps B&B. Steffan O’Sullivan, the author of both Fudge and Gurps Bunnies & Burrows (B&B), has been evolving his thinking on Fudge Bunnies since 1992. So in this post I attempt to reverse engineer Steffan’s thinking on Fudge Bunnies in 2014 and fill in a few gaps. At least for Attributes, skills and animal languages.

The big change is in the language to describe character traits. Gurps has fairly bland and generic names for character traits but Fudge is all about evocative language. So the trait names Fudge Bunnies are much more, well bunny-like.


Steffan refined his thinking about the attributes of bunny characters over time. The example bunny, “Chicory”, in the Fudge book (p. 73 in 1995 and p. 68 in 2010), has a different list of attributes to the Fudge Bunnies on his website (1992b), and is very different to the VG Fudge Bunnies (2011). Actually Chicory is quite similar to a Gurps bunny.

I think the Attributes of bunnies evolved like this:

Gurps B&B (1995) Fudge (1995, 2010) Fudge Bunnies (1992b) VG Fudge Bunnies (2011)
Survival Perception Notice Things
Good Nose
IQ Smarts Cleverness Cleverness
Self-control Pluck
Strength Strength Strength Strength
Dexterity Dexterity Agility Agility
Health Health Fitness Fitness
Speed Speed Speed Speed


Gurps B&B

Despite the fact I’d prefer to play Fudge Bunnies than Gurps B&B I thoroughly recommend Gurps B&B as a GM resource. If you’re interested in bunny adventures then get this book. The section at the back about running adventures is a treasure trove.

The table below translates the Gurps B&B Skills and maps them to the skills listed for the VG Fudge Bunnies. Steffan has also provided some guidance about Fudge Bunny Skills and Combat.

Gurps went for very generic skills with quite abstract names. I much prefer the Fudge replacements as I find them much more intuitive.

In some cases the Gurps skill maps to an attribute in Fudge. In other cases a single Gurps skill maps to more than one skill in Fudge.

If the VG Fudge Bunnies don’t have an equivalent for a Gurps skill then I put a “?” in the Fudge Bunnies Skill column. I then did a quick search of the skills in the Fudge book (2010, p. 85-105) for an equivalent. And if there doesn’t seem to be a Gurps equivalent for the Fudge Bunnies skill I put a dash (“-“) in the Gurps column.

Gurps B&B Skill Fudge Bunnies Skill Fudge Bunnies Skill Category Comment
Acrobatics (P/H) Acrobatics (or “Dodge, Evade”) Agility “Dodge, Evade” is more obvious in intent
Acting (M/A) ? Perhaps “Mimic Rabbit” to mirror “Mimic Non-Rabbit” but Fudge does call it “Acting”
Administration (M/A) ? Chief bureaucrat of the warren?
Agronomy (M/A) ? “Farming” and normally be restricted to pikas
Anthropology (M/VH) Knowledge of Human Habits
Knowledge of Human Dangers
Architecture (M/A) Burrowing Other
Area Knowledge (M/E) Knowledge of Area around Warren (Near, Medium-Sized, Large) Knowledge Choose how far afield the area knowledge extends. Further afield means more vague.
Artist (M/H) ? Probably not needed for Bunnies
Astronomy (M/H) ? Star gazing bunnies; perhaps not. But if it fits the game then try Fudge’s “Knowledge of Astronomy”
Bard (M/A) Storytelling Other Fudge has both “Storytelling” and “Oratory”
Botany (M/VH) Knowledge of Fibrous plants
Knowledge of Other Plants
Brawling (P/E) Brawling Strength
Bun Fu (P/H) Bun Fu Strength
Camouflage (M/E) ? Gurps has camouflage as an inherent skill applicable when a bunny is stationary. Fudge has “Camouflage”, “Hide Self” and “Hide Traces” skills
Carousing (P/A) ? Fudge has a “Carousing” skill too
Climbing (P/H) Climb Agility
Dancing (P/A) ? I guess bunnies can dance
Detect Lies (M/H) Detect Lies Other
Diagnosis (M/H) Diagnosis Other
Diplomacy (M/H) Diplomacy Other
Disguise (M/A) Disguise Other
Engineer (M/H) Contraption Ideas
Build Contraptions
Escape (P/H) Escape from traps Fudge has “Escape artist” but hard to imagine a Houdini bunny
Fast Draw: Herb (P/E) ?
Fast-Talk (M/H) Bluff
Fudge does have a “Fast-talk” skill and also a “Lie” skill
Fiber Crafts (M/H) Fibre Crafts Other
First Aid (M/E) First Aid Cleverness
Gambling (M/A) ? Bunnies, in the game, love to gamble and Fudge has a “Gambling” skill
Gesture (M/E) ?
Hedgewise (M/A) Hedgewise Other
Heraldry (M/A) ? Fudge has “Knowledge of Heraldry” if relevant to the game
Herbary (M/VH) Prepare/Use Herbs
Knowledge of Useful Herbs
History (M/H) Knowledge of Warren History Knowledge
Holdout (M/A) ? Called “Concealment” in Fudge; basically for concealing herbs in a bunnies fur
Interrogation (M/A) ? Fudge has an “Interrogation” skill
Jumping (P/E) Jump Agility
Law (M/H) ? Fudge has “Knowledge of Law”
Leadership (M/A) ? Fudge has a “Leadership” skill
Linguistics (M/VH) ?
Lip Reading (M/A) ? Fudge has “Lip Reading”
Mechanic (M/H) Manipulate Things Other Fudge does have a “Mechanic” skill
Merchant (M/A) Barter Other Fudge also has a “Merchant”, “Haggle”, Appraisal, and Salesmanship skills
Meteorology (M/A) Weather Sense Other
Mimic Non-Rabbit (P/H) Mimic Non-Rabbit
Mimic dog bark
Naturalist (M/H) ?
Navigation (M/H) Bearings Other
Occultism (M/A) Knowledge of Occult events Knowledge
Oral Literature (M/H) Knowledge of Stories Knowledge
Poetry (M/A) ?
Poisons (M/H) Knowledge of Poisons Knowledge
Psychology (M/H) ? Fudge has Psychology and Psychiatry
Running (P/H) *Speed* Attribute Speed The “Running” skill in Fudge means long distance. Bunnies are sprinters so would certainly benefit from this if they had a dog on their trail.
Savoir-Faire (M/E) Knowledge of Court Etiquette Knowledge
Scrounging (M/E) Scrounge Other
Sex Appeal (M/A) ? Fudge has “Seduction”
Sleight of Paw (P/H) ? Fudge has a “Sleight of Hand” skill but “Sleight of Paw” fits better.
Sports (P/A) ? Fudge has a “Sports” skill but what sports do bunnies play?
Stealth (P/A) Move Quietly
“Light Walk” (leave no tracks)
Fudge has both “Stealth” and “Move Quietly”
Strategy (M/H) ?
Survival (M/A) *Survival* Attribute Survival
Swimming (P/E) Swim Fitness
Tactics (M/H) Tactics
Knowledge of Tactics
Predator Tactics
Teaching (M/A) ? Fudge has a professional skill “Teacher”
Theology (M/H) ? Fudge has “Knowledge of Theology”
Throwing (P/H) Ready/Throw Herb Other
Tracking (M/A) Tracking Other
Traps (M/A) Knowledge of traps Other
Fudge has “Find Traps” and “Remove/Disarm Traps” but finding traps can be subsumed into noticing things and disarming traps is pretty tricky for a bunny
Ventriloquism (M/H) Throw Voice Other Fudge has a “Ventriloquism” but I do prefer “Throw Voice”
Zoology (M/H) Knowledge of Carnivore Habits
Knowledge of Non-Bunny Habits
Notice Things Survival
Nose Survival
Fight Strength Fudge calls this “Unarmed Combat”
Team Acrobatics Agility
Buffoon Other
Insult Carnivore Other Please don’t insult the wolf. There’s a good bunny.
Knowledge of Swamps Knowledge

Mechanic and Engineer

In Gurps B&B the skills “Mechanic” and “Engineer” are integral to any plot. Engineers figure out what things are for and mechanics figure how how to use them. I haven’t figured how exactly they transfer into Fudge Bunnies. I’ve guessed that “Engineer” becomes the “Contraption Ideas” and “Build Contraptions” of the VG Fudge Bunnies. Similarly “Mechanic” might become “Manipulate Things” in VG Fudge. But Steffan might have something else in mind.

Skills associated with Attributes

Unusually for a Fudge game Steffan has some skills associated with bunny Attributes. If one of these attribute-skills has no level, use the level of the associated Attribute.

The attribute-skills are listed on the VG Fudge Bunnies Blank Character Sheet however, confusingly, VG Fudge Bunnies has a slightly different set.

  • Move Quietly
  • Notice Things
  • Nose


  • First Aid


  • Bluff


  • * Fight
  • * Brawl
  • * Bun Fu


  • Acrobatics (or “Dodge, Evade” *)
  • Climb
  • Jump
  • Team Acrobatics


  • Swim


Skills marked with a * are from VG Fudge Bunnies.


Animal languages are a special class of skills. The animal languages used in the 2011 VG Fudge Bunnies are similar to, but different to, those of Gurps: B&B (1992). Steffan has replaced “Common” languages for a large group of animals with “Pidgin” equivalents. The latin names for languages have also gone and Steffan just uses the normal English names for the group and/or the species name(s). Finally “Fish” have been separated from their cold blooded friends the “Reptile/Amphibians”

As an example of the changes the languages “Common Avian” and “Accipitrine” have been renamed “Pidgin Bird” and “Eagle/Hawk/Owl/Falcon/Vulture”. Makes things much clearer.

These are the languages mentioned in VG Fudge Bunnies:

  • Pidgin Carnivore
    • Dog/Fox/Wolf
    • Weasel Family
  • Pidgin Bird
    • Small Bird
    • Chicken/Quail/Pheasant/Turkey
  • Pidgin Rodent
    • Beaver/Porcupine
    • Squirrel/Chipmunk
    • Rat/Mouse/Vole
  • Pidgin Insectivore
    • Bat
    • Possum/Mole/Shrew
  • Pidgin Hoofed animal
  • Pidgin Reptile/Amphibian
  • Pidgin Fish
  • Pidgin Spider

These changes also mean that where in Gurps: B&B “all rabbits start the game with Common Lagomorph and Lapine” in Fudge Bunnies I’m guessing they know “Pidgin Rabbit” and the racial language “Rabbit/Hare/Cottontail” (but not “Pika”).


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