Revised Points System for Crossfire Armour

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In Crossfire all tanks have the same point cost even though they have different characteristics. Similarly for armoured personnel carriers (APC) and anti-tank guns (ATG). The idea is you pay the standard points cost and then roll dice to see what type of tank/gun you get for your points. It is a bit like a lottery … buy your ticket and see what you win.

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Cavalry and Mounted Infantry in Crossfire

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Some musing on Cavalry and Mounted Infantry in Crossfire. Standard Crossfire doesn’t cover this. My musings are primarily based on ideas by Daniele Varelli on the Crossfire Discussion Forum. Cavalry is divided into Charging Cavalry – who fight mounted – and/or Mounted Infantry – who dismount to fight. Usually a player must choose at deployment whether his Cavalry is “dismounted” or “mounted”; normally they cannot mount/dismount during the game.

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