Period Specific Variants of Crossfire

I realised I’ve got a few period specific versions of Crossfire on my site so I thought I’d put links to them all in one place.

Crossfire WW2

Ok, it isn’t a variant, in that it is the standard rules, but I thought I should mention that Crossfire is written to represent company level infantry combat in WW2. And does a jolly good job of it too.

Tupara: Crossfire for the New Zealand Wars

Tupara (literally two-barrel) were the double-barrelled shotguns favoured by the Maori in the New Zealand Wars. Given the devastation this weapon caused amongst their European opponents it seems an appropriate name for a Crossfire variant for the New Zealand Wars.

The rules are an adaptation of the French Indian Wars variant of Crossfire mentioned by Steve Burt on the Crossfire discussion forum with the concealment rules from Incoming! Barrie Lovell’s Vietnam Variant for Crossfire.

Fuego Cruzado: Crossfire for Spain’s Wars

Fuego Cruzado is a variant of Crossfire for early 20th century wars involving the Spanish, notably the Spanish Civil War and Rif War. These two wars are grouped together because the Spanish Army of Africa was involved in both. I’ve adapted some Spanish Civil War material from the Official Crossfire Website and added some bits of my own including TO&E.

Fogo Cruzado: Crossfire for the Portuguese Colonial War

Fogo Cruzado is my variant of Crossfire for the Portuguese Colonial War of the 1960s and 1970s. It derives from my general thoughts on Wargaming Rules for the Portuguese Colonial War.

Incoming! Crossfire for the Vietnam War

I now host Barrie Lovell’s Incoming! Vietnam Rules for the Crossfire System.

Arab-Israeli Crossfire

I’ve started compiling some Crossfire amendments for refighting the Arab-Israeli conflicts. I’ve also started putting together scenarios – particularly for 1948-49.

Science Fiction Crossfire

I was prompted to muse on how to do a Science Fiction Crossfire.

Crossfire 1914

Roland Davis suggested a large scale version for WW1: Crossfire 1914.

Crossfire for the Korean War

I don’t have a specific variant but I do have some musing on the the Korean War using Crossfire. Dick Bryant has played this period a lot.

Horse and Musket Crossfire

I started work on a Horse and Musket Crossfire – Crossfire for the Horse and Musket Era. But I abandoned it because it was drifting too far from Crossfire.

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