WW2 Painting Guide: Early-Mid War Spanish and Germans

My WW2 Axis figures are early-mid War Germans but actually represent the Spanish Blue Division. To be honest the only distinguishing feature is the Spanish flag patch on their right shoulder; otherwise wore standard German uniforms. This is one of my WW2 Painting Guides

Blue Division Grenadiers
Notice Spanish patch on right shoulder

Although officially the tunic and trousers were different colours, with wear they quickly assumed a general ‘grey’ look. Since ‘field grey’ is supposed to be grey with a bit of green, Roland made a grey by mixing black and white and then added a bit of green. The helmet is the same, but with more black added.

The closest I can came to when reproducing Roland’s colour scheme using Coat D’arms was:

Item Coat D’arms
Undercoat Black
Tunic & Trousers Mix:
212 Dark Grey (4 Parts)
227 Field Grey (1 Part)
Trim on Epaulettes 101 White
Helmet A darker shade of the tunic. Same mix with some black added.
Belt Pouch 528 Russian Brown
Water Bottle (Body) 519 Chocolate Brown
Gas Cape/Sheet 521 Army Green
Bayonet Sheath 524 Tan Earth
Wood on Rifle 519 Chocolate Brown
Flesh Mix:
213 Flesh (4 parts)
214 Suntanned Flesh (1 part)
Boots, belts, straps, Map Case Straps, Water Bottle (top and straps), binoculars, metal on rifle, and most everything else 102 Black

Check out Steven’s Blue Division for more photos.

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