Triangular Buildings for Diagonal Streets on a Wargaming Table

Crossfire Generic Buildings 65 Triangular Block 3x3

A while ago I played a Crossfire game called 2 Foot City. It was fought on a 2’x2′ cityscape. Since then I’ve played a few more games in heavily built up areas and they have all been on an assumed square grid. The trouble with a square grid is you only get streets that exactly fit the grid, i.e. vertical or horizontal, with no diagonals. Lately I’ve been wondering how to superimpose diagonal streets on my urban grid.

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Measuring Ranges in Crossfire using Terrain Features

Crossfire Range Example

“The action [in Crossfire] takes place within the effective range of small arms” (p.1). Having said that there are some weapons that had very short ranges, e.g. Infantry Anti-tank weapons) so people have speculated on how to specify ranges in Crossfire. Some people have suggested introducing rulers, but this seems at odds with Crossfire’s intent, so I explored an alternative way of measuring ranges.

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How to make and paint Wooden Buildings for 15mm Wargaming

Wooden Houses - Mixed Village 3

In WW2 Russian architecture in villages and towns was characterized by log or plank construction with thatched or plank roofs. They were usually unpainted, but often had elaborately carved window and door frames. The churches were usually of a similar construction, but with the distinctive gilded onion dome. Some houses, particularly in the Ukraine, were plastered and whitewashed but still had the thatch roof.

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