The Battle of Kadesh in David Rohl’s New Chronology

Battle of Kadesh - Phaoroh attacking

The Battle of Kadesh is the first battle in history for which we have detailed accounts of what happened. It features two of the middle eastern heavy weights – Egypt and Hatti – battling it out for supremacy. It also features bit players that would subsequently stand out on the world stage – tribes that would constitute the Sea Peoples fought on both sides at Kadesh. And, if you follow the New Chronology proposed by David Rohl, Pharaoh was rescued by Elite Israelites from Solomon’s Kingdom.

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Using Big Bases for DBA

BBDBA Celtiberian Scutarii

Big Base DBA (also known as Big Base De Bellis Antiquitatis or BBDBA) allows fast games with a small number of playing pieces and lots of figures. Big Base DBA requires few modifications from the standard DBA rules.

Inspired by Philip Sabin’s Analysis of Ancient Warfare in Lost Battles I’ve drifted further away from normal DBA than you need to, but I’ll explain why as I go along. Mostly it affects basing.

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DBA I/28 Sea Peoples 1208BC-1176BC

DBA Sea Peoples

The Sea Peoples Confederation burst upon the eastern Mediterranean in the late 13th century BC. For 50 years they had a major impact, contributing to the collapse of both the Hittite Empire and the Mycenaean culture. They also had a good go at Egypt – several goes actually. The confederation’s armies are represented by the DBA army list I/28 Sea Peoples 1208BC-1176BC. This post is part of my series on Troop Identities in DBA Army Lists.

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