Israeli Ranks

I needed a table so I could understand the Israeli system of ranks.

Rank Usual Abbreviation Rough Meaning or Equivalent Rank Comment Modern Insignia
Tiron Recruit
Turai Private
Turai-Rishon TARASH. Lance Corporal / Private 1st Class In use until 1999
Rav-Turai RABAT . Corporal Insignia not worn in combat.
Rav-Turai Rishon RaTAR Corporal 1st Class In use 1972-82
Segen mihuts la’minyan Samal Sergeant
Samal-Rishon Sam’ar. Staff Sergeant
Samal-Bakhír Samab Senior Sergeant In use until 1952
Rav-Samal RaS Company Sergeant Major (CSM) Zahal translates this rank as Sergeant 1st Class
Rav-Samal-Rishon RaSAR Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) / Master Sergeant Zahal translates this rank as 1st Sergeant
Rav-Samal-Mitqadem Rasam
Rav-Samal-Bakhír Rasab Warrant Officer
Rav-Nagad Ranag Chief Warrant Officer
Segen-Mishne SEGUM. Subaltern / 2nd Lieutenant In use from 1952. Platoon commander
Segen Lieutenant Until 1951 was a Platoon Commander; Post-1951 is the Company Executive Officer
Segen-Rishon Lieutenant 1st Class In use until 1951. Company Executive Officer.
Seren Captain Company Commander
Rav-Seren Major Battalion Executive Officer
Segun-Aluf Saal Lieutenant-Colonel Battalion Commander
Aluf-Mishne Alam Colonel Brigade or Regiment Commander
Tat-Aluf Taal Brigadier-General introduced after the Six-Day war, 1967.
Aluf Major-General Command a Branch of Service
Rav-Aluf Lieutenant-General
Rosh Mattay Ha’Klali RAMATKAL. Chief of the General Staff The highest ranking officer in the IDF. A role held by the Rav-Aluf


  • Rav means “Above”
  • Rishon means “First”
  • Bakhír means “Senior”
  • Mishne means “Vice” as in Vice-president so for practical purposes it means “Second” or “Below”.

There are also three roles that personnel of different ranks can take.

Hebrew English Comments
Mimalei Makom Warrant Officer This rank is usually a temporary rank given to a RaS or RaSAR who is acting as an officer due to the duties that he is performing.
Mifaked Machlekah Platoon Commander IDF Terminology Mem-Mem
Mifaked Plugah Company Commander IDF Terminology Mem-Pe’ay


Thanks to Orpaz for help with ranks and insignia.

Finally, the IDF Artillery units are the only IDF units to have and use a Regimental Structure.

Insignia from IDF Ranks

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