Nombre de Dios – A New World DBA Battle Report

Chris and I played my Nombre de Dios scenario the other day. In fact we played it twice.


As the Spanish I elected to have the Governor’s house on the market place (top left) and the Treasure house in the far top right near the woods.



The Game

I placed my artillery near the Governor’s house in the market place. The theory being that it would cover most of the open area with it’s fire. I put a stand of arquebusiers at the mouth of one of the roads. This stand could see from edge to edge.

Chris elected to arrive on the beach in two groups. His main attack force was in a line facing (unknown to him) the Governor’s house.

Chris’s other party was in a column near the beach front platform.


The English skirmish line cautiously advanced into the town, searching each building as they went.

English advance into town

The Spanish spotted the English, raised the alarm, and started to rally troops at the market place.

Spanish outposts raise alarm

The English found their advance very slow. But eventually they drew near the Governor’s house.

English approach Governor’s palace

Sir Francis Drake is shot down by Spanish arquebusiers in the back alleys of Nombre de Dios

The first and only combat of the battle was when the advancing English encountered a line of Spanish arquebusiers in front of the Governor’s house. A lucky shot downed Sir Francis Drake and the battle was over.

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