Sources for the Italian Wars

Annotated bibliography for the Italian Wars.

Web Sites

Hungarian and Turkish army lists for Maximilian – Dan O’Hara

Renaissance Wargames Home Page – David Heading

Includes a whole bunch of stuff including some Portuguese History, some Wargaming campaigns and scenarios, some reviews of Wargaming Rules, and issues with DBR lists.

Early Modern Warfare Society (Curt Johnson) including:

On-line books

Various works on/by Machiavelli

Machiavelli the game

Avalon Hill have an Italian Wars variant of Diplomacy called “Machiavelli”.

Guide for Diplomacy players

The MACHiavelli Boardgame Site

Has full colour map variants.

Has a black and white map variant.


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Similar in style of Oman (1987), but lacks the depth .

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