Weapons and Equipment of the Spanish Civil War

My notes on teh Weapons and Equipment of the Spanish Civil War. Details from Cordery (1993) and Morgan (2007).


I’m still checking this out …

Lafitte 50 mm modelo 1925 (French)
Lafitte 60 mm (French)
Valero 60 mm modelo 1926 (Spanish)
Stokes-Brandt 81 mm modelo 1929

and from http://www.sbhac.net/Republica/Fuerzas/Fuerzas.htm

Valero Mod 1932 50 mm
Valero Mod. 1926 60 mm
Valero Modelo 1933 de 81 mm
80 mm Russia
50 mm Russia
Stokes-Brand Modelo 1918 81 mm
Stokes-Brand Modelo 1935


Peninsular Army at Outbreak of War

  • 70 mm Schneider M08 Mountain Gun
  • 75 mm Schneider M06 Field Gun
  • 105 mm Schneider M19 Mountain Howitzer
  • 105 mm Vickers M22 Field Howitzer
  • 150 mm Krupp M13 Howitzer
  • 155 mm Schneider M17 Howitzer
  • 20 mm Madsen M33 Anti-aircraft Gun
  • 75 mm Vickers M31 Anti-aircraft Gun

Republican Aid


  • 37 mm infantry support guns (30) – a WW1 trench gun developed by the French and Austrians
  • 45mm Putilov M29K Infantry Gun
  • 76.2 mm Schneider-Danglis Cannon de 76 M mle09 Mountain Gun (8)
  • 76.2mm Putilov M00/02 Field Gun
  • 76.2 mm Putilov M02/30 Field Gun
  • 77 mm Krupp FK16 Field Gun (22)
  • 107 mm M10/30 Field Gun – Japanese (74)
  • 115 mm / 4.5″ Vickers pre-1914 Quick Firing Howitzers (189)
  • 122 mm M10/30 Field Howitzer
  • 127 mm / 60 pdr Armstrong Field gun (12)
  • 152 mm M10/30 Field Gun
  • 152 mm Putilov M09/30 Field Howitzer
  • 152 mm M10/30 Field Howitzer
  • 152 mm / 6″ Mk 1 Howitzer
  • 37 mm M30 L/45 Anti-tank Gun (430)
  • 45 mm M32 L/46 Anti-tank Gun (142)
  • 76.2 mm M31 Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • 155 mm Schneider Cannon de 155 mle17 Field Gun (20)


  • 65 mm Schneider-Ducrest Cannon de 65 mle06 Infantry Gun
  • 75 mm Schneider Cannon de 75 mle87 Field Gun
  • 76.2 mm Schneider-Danglis Cannon de 76 M mle09 Mountain Gun – some were already in use and eight were provided by the USSR!
  • 77 mm Krupp FK16 Field Gun
  • 100 mm Skoda 1914 Field Gun – 22 sent by USSR
  • 105 mm Schneider Cannon de 105 ml313 Field Gun
  • 114 mm Mk1 Field Howitzer
  • 152 mm Schneider Cannon de 152 mle10 Field Gun
  • 155 mm Schneider Cannon de 155 mle17 Field Gun – already in use and 20 sent by the USSR

Nationalist Aid


  • 75mm FK16nA Field Gun
  • 105 mm leFH16 Field Howitzer
  • 105 mm leFH18 Field Howitzer
  • 20 mm Flak30 Anti-aircraft Gun
  • 75mm Flak L/60 Anti-aircraft Gun
  • 88 mm Flak18 Anti-aircraft Gun
  • 37 mm Pak35/36 Anti-tank Gun


  • 65 mm Cannone da 65/17 Infantry Gun
  • 75 mm Cannone da 75/27 M11 Field Gun
  • 75 mm Cannone de 75/27 M12 Field Gun
  • 105 mm Cannone da 105/28 M13 Field Gun
  • 100 mm Obice da 100/17 M14 Field Howitzer
  • 149 mm Obice da 149/12 M14 Field Howitzer
  • 20 mm Cannone-Mitragliera da 20/65 M35 Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • 37 mm Cannone Contracarro 37/45 Anti-tank Gun


  • 37 mm Bofers Anti-tank Gun


Aircraft Role
Aero A-101 Light Bomber
Casa-Breguet Br.XIX Light Bomber
De Havilland Dragon Bomber
Dornier Do17E, Do17F, Do17P Reconnaissance Bombers Bomber
Fokker F.VII Bomber
Fokker F.VIII Bomber
Fokker V.XII Bomber
Heinkel He51C Fighter Bomber Ground Attack
Heinkel He111B, He111D, He111E Bombers Bomber
Junkers Ju52 Bomber Bomber
Junkers Ju86D Bomber Bomber
Junkers Ju87A, Ju87B Dive-Bomber Dive-Bomber
Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 Bombers Bomber
Savoia-Marchetti SM.81 Bombers Bomber
IMAM Ro.37bis Ground Attack Aircraft Ground Attack
Aero A-101 Light Bomber
Bloch MB200, MB 210 Bombers Bomber
Grumman GE-23 Ground Attack
Northrop Gamma Bomber
Potez 540 Series (540, 542, 544) Bomber
Polikarpov I-16 Mosca Ground Attack
Polikarpov R-5 Ground Attack Aircraft Ground Attack
Polikarpov R-Z Ground Attack Aircraft Light Bomber
Tupolev SB 2 Bomber
Tupolev SB 2 Bomber
Vultee V1 Bomber Bomber


Cordery, B. (1993). La Ultima Cruzada: A Wargamers guide to the Spanish Civil War (2nd ed.). Partizan Press.

Morgan, R. (Winter, 2007). Arms for Spain: Soviet arms shipments for SCW Republican lands forces. The Journal: The Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers, 60, 16-17.

3 thoughts on “Weapons and Equipment of the Spanish Civil War”

  1. Howdy!

    While this list is/was invaluable to me for Mortars and Artillery involved, I find the Aircraft Involved, in the Aircraft Section to be woefully underrepresented.

    If the reference used was only attempting to include Bombers and Ground attack for use with most table-top war gaming, I can better understand it. However, even these are not fully covered. Plus, with the advent of so many good air combat rules, I would think that at least the major Fighters would be mentioned/listed, as most if not all were also used in ground attack.

    Ground Attack: Ba.65, I-15, I-152(or,I-15bis), He.70, Cr.32bis, Hs.123

    Fighters: Cr.32, Cr.32bis Hawker Fury I & II, He.112, Bf109A-D, He.51B, I-15, I-152, I-16 (4-10), G.50

    Of course there were many others, but most were so few in number that this list is decent, but not comprehensive.

    Kind Regards,

    Scott “FatalFlaw”

    • Thanks for the information. I freely admit that aircraft are not my thing, and when I do mention planes they are far more likely to be ground support than anything else.

  2. I had read an article that the primary arm of the Spanish Civil War, based on numbers at least, was the Spanish 9 mm pistol, often equipped with a brace to be more “rifle like” The articles and websites I find are dominated by aircraft role in the war as well as artillery from foreign sources but of the 75 plus battles I wonder how much of the munitions expended was actually pistol fire


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