Encountering Mujahidun in Legends of Al-Andalus

In Legends of Al-Andalus you might encounter Mujahidun.

A mujahid (plural mujāhidūn anglicized to mujahideen) is a Muslim who proclaims themselves a warrior for the faith. Originally in North African a murabit (plural murabitun) was a member of a Muslim religious community living in a fortified monastery (Ribat), serving both religious and military functions. Murabitun were, fairly obviously, also mujahidun.

The Moroccan movement called the Al-Murabitun or Almoravids were originally religious warriors based in a Ribat but built an empire that eventually incorporated large chunks of Spain. To avoid confusion I’ve opted to use the term mujahid for the local chaps based in a Ribat.

Talk the Talk

See Talk the Talk. The NPCs are Rep 5 for this encounter. Additional NPC reaction modifiers are:

  • -2 if you are hated enemy (e.g. a Christian)
Reaction Table
Passed die difference Reaction
Swept of feet Will offer you a place in the Ribat.  If you accept you’ll join them on the next expedition (or more if you want) and gain a hideout. If not they become Belligerent.
Favourable If you accept you’ll join them on the next expedition (or more if you want). If not they become Belligerent.
Indifferent “Have a nice day”
Ask a Favour Will ask you for a voluntary gift of supplies for the cause (2 x Rep). If you don’t cough up they become Belligerent.
Belligerent Mujahidun take an instant dislike to you and attack.  Open Battle encounter.

Employment in the Mujahidun

Characters can join the Mujahidun.




Encounters while in the Army are determined by this process:

  1. No encounter this month (1-4) or encounter (5-6).
  2. Encounter enemy are Bandits (1), Muslim Army (2) or Christian Army (3-6)
  3. Encounter is: conduct a strategic pursuit of raiders (1), raid defender (2) or raid attacker (3-6)

A raid against Bandits means the unit must march to the Sierra. Against another state means the unit marches across the border into that state.


Mujahidun are unpaid, however they get to keep any Loot & Booty collected.


If you are an irregular you can leave at the end of any time whilst at base. If you leave whilst on an expedition you are counted as a deserter.

Army List

Throw 2d6 on the recruitment table until you have a force of sufficient points.

Recruitment Table
1d6 Type Rep Armour Weapon Other Points
2 Noble (W) 6 A/Sh Lance, Sword Horse 26
3 Light Cavalry (Jinete) (MM) 4 N/Sh Javelin, Sword Horse 17
4 Heavy Cavalry (W) 4 A/Sh Lance, Sword Horse 20
5 Negro Infantry (M or W) 4 N/LSh Javelin   14
6 Militia (S) 3 N/LSh Javelin, Spear   16
7 Horse Archer (M) 4 N Short Bow Horse 14

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