Incoming! Vietnam Rules for the Crossfire System – by Barrie Lovell

People often ask me where they can get a copy of Incoming! Barrie Lovell’s variant of Crossfire for the Vietnam War. I’ve watched Incoming! float around the internet over several years so I could usually point people to the latest hiding place. When the last host disappeared I thought I’d try to give Incoming! a permanent home. Barrie kindly agreed to let me host it and Steve Phenow provided the PDF.
Incoming! Vietnam Rules for Crossfire

What is Incoming!

Incoming! is an attempt to produce a set of fast play rules for the Vietnam War during the period of US/Free World involvement, based on the Crossfire rules. The aim is to play fast and realistic games at the company/battalion level rather than the more detailed skirmish style games at the smaller unit level.

Unlike standard Crossfire, Incoming! is designed for squads and fire teams with a single stand of infantry representing one fire team. The smallest unit is the fire team, two or more of which combine to make up a squad. In effect a fire team is used in the same way as a squad in the original rules.

Please note however that Incoming! is not a complete rule set. In order to use the Incoming! rules the players will require the Crossfire rules and the Hit the Dirt supplement published by Arty Conliffe.

Download Incoming!

Just click the link . . . Download Incoming PDF

2 thoughts on “Incoming! Vietnam Rules for the Crossfire System – by Barrie Lovell”

  1. Steve:

    Just want to thank you for hosting the “Incoming” rules and giving them a permanent home. We have started playing them with the associated rules “Crossfire” using the Roll20 VTT software with opponents in London, Chicago, and here in San Antonio. I’ll be posting up a link to your web site for the “Incoming” rules. Thanks again.

    J. Dale “Bronco_6” Himebaugh


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