Broken links on Flames of War

I don’t play Flames of War by Battle Front Miniatures but I do like the figures and I do appreciate and link to their supporting articles on the history of World War II, modelling and painting. The trouble is they occasionally remove articles and a big batch disappeared a couple of years back when they did a big update to their website. Each time that happens the relevant link on my site gets broken. As I went through my site fixing broken links I have put the Battle Front ones here in the hope that one day they’ll resurrect some of them.

Title Missing
Article Number
Basing your Miniatures 90
Late-war painting guide 98
Campaigns in Flames of War 133
Kursk Campaign 213
Panzer IIIs at Kursk 231
Fallschirmjaeger Anti-tank Gun Platoon (GE502) 246
Panzer IVs at Kursk 252
Guide to painting U.S. infantry 267
Painting German Camouflage: part 1 358
A Guide to Painting British Troops 405
British Mediterranean Infantry 462
Stalingrad – Battle Report “Red October” 547
Hen and Chicks Rule 894
Guards Heavy Tank Regiments (I think) 932
Fallschirmjaegerkompanie (GBX08) 963
Fallschirmjaeger Platoon (GE762) 964
Fallschirmjaeger Machine-gun Platoon (GE764) 965
Fallschirmjaeger Mortar Platoon (GE765) 966
Fallschirmjaeger Platoon Battleworn (GE763) 971
Fallschirmjaeger Light Gun Platoon (GE561) 972
Fallschirmjaeger Camouflage 984
Head Swaps on Soviet Naval Troops 991
Fallschirmjaeger Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon (GE543) 996
3rd Greek Mountain Brigade in Italy 1944 1325
Axis forces on the Gustav and Gothic lines 1336

And another one that isn’t an article…

Mid-war painting guide

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