WW2 Painting Guide: Russian Naval Infantry

The Naval Infantry of World War II wore black – black tunic/shirt, black trousers, black boots/shoes, black hat (although it had a white trim). The ammo belts were whitened canvas with rounds pushed through them. This is one of my WW2 Painting Guides.

naval_P1030385_storm_party.jpg (156011 bytes)

Russian Naval Infantry – Storm Party

This is what I painted mine, and indicates the order as well:

Item Coat D’arms
Undercoat Black
Tunic, Trousers, Cap, Boots Dry brush a mix:
212 Dark Grey (2 Parts)
102 Black (1 Part)
Flesh 213 Flesh
Wood on Rifle 218 Wood Brown
Metal on Guns Mix
220 Silver (1 part)
212 Gun Metal (1 part)
Belts 534 Dark Leather
Trim on Cap 101 White
Pouches and strap 502 Field Drab

Check out BattleFront: Naval HQ and Platoon for how they looked.

As their uniforms wore out the Naval Infantry were issued regular army uniforms, and units could have a mix of naval and army kit. Check out BattleFront: Head Swaps on Soviet Naval Troops for a good example of such a mixed unit.

Check out http://rkka.ru/uniform/files/i_vmf.htm

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